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Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have a question for us? Take a look through our FAQs to see if your question has already been answered!

Q1. Do you know any of the celebrities on your site?
Unfortunately not. We do not have any contacts for the celebrites - nor are we any of the featured celebrities. We are, like you, just fans! Please don't send us fan mail! Thank you for your understanding.

Q2. Will you be selling any colour prints?
At the moment we just specialise in pencil drawings, but we do hope to expand into different medium in the not-to-distant future with prints of oil-pastel drawings, paintings, charcoal creations and crayon drawings.

Q3. I can't find a particular celebrity. Will they be available soon?
We always welcome any suggestions for future celebrity prints and are always looking to see who is in the public eye. All serious suggestions are entered on a waiting list, with the more popular suggestions taking priority. There is no guarantee that we'll be able to fulfil your request - but it's always worth checking back often as we are always updating our collection. Please keep checking and please contact us with your suggestions.

Q4. Free postage? Really?
That's right! FREE postage - no hidden costs, no secret charges. The price you see next to the print - that's the price you pay. Postage is FREE to UK, Europe, Rest of World no matter how many prints you buy! It really is as simple as that; it's our way of saying "thank you for shopping with us".

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